About Berta Cabaza MS

Greypup P.A.W.S. Mission

BCMS Greypups:

-will Prepare for life challenges,

-will Aspire to always be better,

-will be Willing to accept change,

-will be Supportive of all diversity



(It is the vision of BCMS to educate) Every Student, Every Day!



 *100%of SBCISD will be proficient in the use of the information superhighway.

 *100% of our students WILL successfully complete their individualized course of study and graduate from high school.

 *100% of our graduates will be enrolled in post secondary study or gainfully employed within 6 months of graduation.

We are expected to:
-put the priority of our students’ education first
-provide a high quality well-rounded educational experience to all students that is rigorous, culturally relevant, healthful, and engaging
-build strong relationships with students, families, and the community to increase trust and shared responsibility
-ensure that every classroom has a high quality educator that is supported by high quality, effective administrators, and support staff.