BC Band

General Information
            Welcome to the Berta Cabaza Middle School Greypup Band Program!  We are very excited about the possibilities for our program this year and are looking forward to furthering the successful tradition of excellence within our program!
            By choosing to participate in the band program, students agree to ALWAYS rehearse and perform to the best of their abilities and work together with the band directors to make our program the absolute best it can be.  We expect all of our students to come to class each day with mature, responsible attitudes.  We also ask that all members report promptly to rehearsals, classes, and performances.  Students may be required to maintain a practice record of how much time is spent practicing their instrument OUTSIDE of class time.  All of our concerts, competitions, and events are considered MANDATORY performances.    
            The success of any program is largely dependent on the pride, dedication, and hard work of its members.  Certain rules, policies, and procedures are set in place in order to ensure that the overall goals of the band program are met and the needs of each individual student are served.  Please refer to the Band Handbook for a full description of our rules, guidelines, and procedures.  
Course Description
The courses offered through the BCMS Band Program are:
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Symphonic Band
  • Concert Band
  • Beginner Band (multiple instruments in different class periods)

    Students are placed in bands by the band staff based on prior auditions/playing tests, record of achievements within the BCMS and and San Benito Community (All Region, etc.), and overall behavior, performance etiquette, and demeanor.  Any student, regardless of grade level who has no band experience will be placed in Beginner Band.  If a student fails to meet the minimum performance requirements for a Varsity band, they may be asked to REPEAT their Beginner Band year.  Eligibility and Discipline are MAJOR factors in determining placement in bands.  Students should always strive to make sure they are passing ALL of their classes and remain in good standing within the Band Program and with the BCMS Campus as a whole.