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Mrs. Nora Jalomo-Cortez, M. Ed., CSC

All of 8th grade

6th grade - Last Names M-Z 

Mrs. Linda Ramos, M. Ed., CSC

All of 7th grade

           6th grade - Last Names A-L       


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Mission: Berta Cabaza Middle School Counselors help facilitate the academic and the social/self-development of all our students. School Counselors are an integral part of the instructional school team. They directly impact student achievement by delivering 21st century comprehensive services that meet the needs of the school community.


Vision: Professional School Counselors are uniquely trained leaders who promote success for all students. They collaborate with school staff and use data to make decisions to best facilitate the success of the 21st century learner. As a result the student will:

  • achieve his/her maximum potential
  • demonstrate academic, social and intrapersonal skills
  • recognize and be accepting of individual and cultural differences
  • develop communication and citizenship skills to make positive contributions within the community


School Counseling Support:

System Support is a schoolwide program planning and implementation (PBIS), consulting with other professionals, teachers, Administration, parents, etc. and acting liaison for students and their families.

Responsive Services meet immediate student needs such as: counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, teacher referral, and peer support/mediation.

Individual Student Planning is assisting students with immediate and long term goal planning, (behaviorally or academically).


*In case of emergency or in need of immediate/professional services please see attachment.