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Berta Cabaza Middle School

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Military Science

Military Science will complement the core courses such as Social Studies, Reading, and English/Language Arts. The purpose of the training provided is to instill a healthy belief in oneself, to build character (highlighting integrity, being morally and ethically beyond reproach, professionalism, self-control, and mental agility), to learn to place the needs of others before self, advance individual resiliency, and to develop mental and physical courage that is in line with the Warrior Ethos.  The desired end state is the making of better learners and the growth of our future leaders.


Below are the individual course descriptions:


Military Science I (half year / Grades 6th & 7th– This course is designed to teach students about the various leadership traits (judgment, integrity, unselfishness, courage, knowledge, loyalty, etc.).  Instruction will focus initially on a foundational understanding of what traits a leader should have and then work towards a deeper understanding of what it means to have a warrior ethos.  Students will explore these topics throughout the semester by taking a look at some the greatest warrior cultures throughout history.  These include groups such as the Spartans of Greece, the Samurai of Japan, the Vikings of Northern Europe, and if time permits some of the various Native American Tribes.


Military Science II (full year / Grades 7th & 8th) – This course will attempt to make the world a smaller place for each student by making them aware of current world events and issues.  Instruction will focus on the many areas of the world that are highlighted within our very own National Security Strategy (NSS) and the National Military Strategy (NMS).  Hot spots throughout the world that have the potential to in one way or another impact our way of life will be covered and discussed.  Topics will range from threats that certain organizations or regimes pose to our way of life to where the United States is currently preserving American prosperity and also preserving peace through strength.


Military Science III (full year / Grade 8th) – This course is intended for 8th graders with interest in joining the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) in high school.  It will also be open to students that have participated in Military Science II.  The curriculum for this course will focus on preparing students for the training that they will receive as a member of the NJROTC program.  Students will learn about all of the branches of the United States Military (Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard).  Some of the instruction will also include close-order drill, military history, customs and courtesies, and core values.