Gardening Club

2015-16 JMG - Berta Cabaza Middle School Garden Club

This years' garden club is off to a great start. Thanks to Texas AgriLife Scott Kunkle for the materials and soil two new gardens have been set up between G and H wing and ready to be planted. Special thanks to Cameron County Master Gardeners JJ Plata and Becky Zaragoza for coming out every week to assist with the classes.

[img src=]420Kids crafts at annual Fall plant sale.
[img src=]400Mixing the soil.
[img src=]350Plotting our area for the next two gardens.
[img src=]280Hands on skills needed to put the boards up.
[img src=]370We are ready!
[img src=]400Preparing the raised gardens for the soil.
[img src=]440With team work - Scott Kunkle and the garden club.
[img src=]360The "Go" part of the curriculum, staying active and healthy.
[img src=]390Sharing a story with the group.
[img src=]350Pouring out peat moss, and soil
[img src=]400Gardening will take committment and responsibility.
[img src=]400Racing and exercise time.
[img src=]280Texas Learn, Grow, Eat and Go!